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"Your perfect gift recommendation expert - GiftGuru"


GiftGuru is focusing on curation of best gifts ideas for netizens in South East Asia. Our gift experts works effortlessly every single days by going through thousands of products all over the world, hand-picking the best & most valuable products, before recommending it to our readers. 


We are recommending at least 2 new products every month and you could also partner up with us to share about and selling our latest product to your network while earning extra money.


Becoming A Dealer 

GiftGuru deals directly with the brand & manufacturer and only import genuine products to provide best product & service quality at the most cost effective manner. 

Suitable for : Retail chains, Brands outlets, retail store / shop owners, small & medium enterprise business owner, e-commerce stores.

Margin : 30% and above

Requirements : Minimum of 100 items & above / Monthly commitment of stocks worth RM3000 & above.


Becoming An Affiliate 

Side hustling your way through? GiftGuru is happy to support you on your journey. By joining our affiliate network, all you have to do is to focus on selling & marketing the products through your channels.

No more hassle of holding inventory, pick & pack, queuing up to courier service centre. We will take care of the rest and drop-ship orders, with complete systems and 

Suitable for : Social seller, niche fan page owners

Margin : 15% to 22% 


How to become an affiliate on GiftGuru?

Social Seller Star Affiliate VIP Affiliate
15% profit margin on all product sold 18% profit margin on all product sold 22% profit margin on all product sold
Usage of creative assets, graphics & blog post
- Participation in pre-sales product 1 week ahead Participation in pre-sales product 2 week ahead
- - Access to warehouse sales & special events
Credits purchase allowed to be use for orders
RM299.00 RM599.00 RM999.00




Are you a Blogger? Social Media Influencer? Producer? 

Get our latest product release ahead of everybody else. Be the role model in your community who get holds on the latest & coolest recommendations by GiftGuru.

Even better? You could earn up to 15% affiliate commissions (negotiable) for every single product sold via our website! 

All we ask is to have you to either write a review / make a shoutout / demo / post a blog article / video / photos of the product on your social media. 

To participate, email the following details to us at >> [email protected]

1. Your website / blog link 
2. Your social media handle (Facebook / Instagram)
3. Short paragraph on what is your niche & how would you promote our products.